Conversational SMS engagement made easy

Transform customer experience and turbocharge revenue with AI-powered SMS marketing. Automated personalized text conversations and optimized chat flows that convert.

Ignite your end-to-end customer interactions and skyrocket revenue. Automate thousands of customer touchpoints for effortless activation, captivation, and satisfaction – all tailored to your customers’ unique preferences.

Response-driven conversational AI for better outcomes is here.

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Our proven track record has earned the trust of 5,000+ companies spanning multiple industries.

SMS conversations powered by Launch.ai:

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Inspire customers, streamline expenses, and boost your bottom line with Launch.ai

+ 300%
Increase in existing customer engagement
+ 40%
Increase in efficiencies across sales, marketing, and customer support
Annual revenue generated across brand partners

Engagement earns at every stage​

Boost Engagement

0 %
98% open rate,
significantly higher compared to email (20%).

Spark the conversations that matter when and where your customers engage most.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

0 %
75% of customers
want to receive special offer text messages from brands.

Use personalized 1:1 messaging to create more meaningful customer relationships and drive loyalty.

Reduce Risk 

0 %
70% of consumers
subscribe to text message,
on average.

Give your customers what they want and make spam-like interactions a thing of the past.

Drive Sales

0 %
96% of marketers
agree text
messaging significantly
increases revenue.

AI-powered conversational text makes brand engagement easy for your customers, and word-of-mouth expansion easy for your company.

AI-powered text engagement with a human touch

Launch.ai creates text messaging flows customized for your industry and customer demographics.

Experience the benefits of AI-powered SMS marketing with Launch.ai


Easy Integrations. Custom Solutions.

Simple, reliable, developer-friendly integration:
  • Seamlessly connects and integrates with your favorite tools, from your customer service and review platforms to email marketing, and more.
  • Build deeper personalization and synchronization with the API or set up a developer account.

Success Stories
Power possibilities for industry leaders

“The automation AI helps us get to our bottom line.”

“It’s crucial for us to connect with our customers in a meaningful and effective way. That’s why we turned to SMS marketing with launch.ai. We’ve been able to target our messages, personalize our communications, and see a significant increase in customer engagement and sales. Our customers love the convenience and relevancy of receiving texts from us, and we love the results we’re seeing. We highly recommend launch.ai for any brand looking to boost their customer relationships and revenue.”

John Smith

Professional Services Organization

“94.5% average deliverability rate is amazing.”

“We have a huge email list with a valuable audience–but getting them to open is a challenge. Engagement through SMS, on the other hand, has been stellar. Our conversion rate on a text is easily 28%. That’s huge compared to any other channel.”

Cindy Johnson

Director of Marketing
Home Services Organization

"This platform changes everything about my business.”

“As a user of text marketing for the past 2 years, I must say the launch.ai SMS marketing platform has been a game-changer for our customer engagement strategy. With every text we send, we’ve noticed a boost in traffic and a closer connection with our customers. Our experience with the launch.ai success and support teams has been exceptional, as they have provided invaluable guidance every step of the way. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone looking to elevate their customer engagement efforts! This far surpassed my expectations with an SMS platform.”

Raj Sankar

VP Sales
Marketing Agency

Purposeful. Personalized. Connecting you to your customers, one text at a time.

Find out how Launch.ai can streamline your customer engagement and boost your revenue.